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AISI 8620 Steel Round Bars – 1.6523, 21NiCrMo2

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AISI 8620 – A Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum Case Hardening Alloy Steel

Metline Industries is a full line distributor, processor, manufacturer and supplier of AISI 8620 alloy steel bars in all standard sizes and finishes. AISI 8620 (SNCM220, 1.6523, G86200) Alloy Steel bars and rods supplied by Metline Industries are certified to highest level of industry standards, and are accompanied by Mill Test Certificates, as per EN 10204 3.1. We can supply cut to size AISI 8620 alloy steel bars, with both small and wide diameters. Our stock of AISI 8620 alloy steel round bars includes outside dimater from 6mm up to 800mm, with Ultrasonic Test Reports, Chemical Test Reports, as well as Mechanical Test Reports.

Delivery Condition for AISI 8620 / 21NiCrMo2 Bars – EAF+LF+VD, Hot Rolled or Forged or Cold Drawn, Black surface or Machined surface (Peeled, Turned, Grinded), Untreated or Normalized, UT 100% Passed

  • AISI 8620 Steel Bars are typically available Hot Rolled, As Rolled.
  • Larger diameters AISI 8620 Materials are Hot Forged, As Forged.
  • Order Large or Small Quantity of AISI 8620 Alloy Steel Bars, Alloy Steel Rods
  • Cut to Size AISI 8620 Flat Bars Available
  • No Minimum Order Quantity for AISI 8620 Steel Bars

Product Description

Leading Manufacturers, Suppliers of 21NiCrMo2 / 8620 Alloy Steel Round Bar (1.6523, UNS G86200)

SAE-AISI 8620 is an alloy of iron, further classified as a low-alloy steel. 8620 is the SAE-AISI designation for this material. 1.6523 is the EN numeric designation. And G86200 is the UNS number. The most widely used alloy case-hardening steel, which may be carburized and hardened to produce a hard wear resistant case combined with core strength of the order of 125,000 psi (862 N/mm2). Uniform case depth, hardness and wear properties with minimum distortion are characteristics of this grade. The steel may also be used, not carburized, in a variety of general applications where a ’20’ carbon alloy is desirable.

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What is the Chemical Composition of AISI 8620 Steel Bars?

Chemical Composition in %
Iron, Fe96.895-98.02
Manganese, Mn0.700-0.900
Nickel, Ni0.400-0.700
Chromium, Cr0.400-0.600
Carbon, C0.180-0.230
Silicon, Si0.150-0.350
Molybdenum, Mo0.150-0.250
Sulfur, S≤ 0.0400
Phosphorous, P≤ 0.0350

What are the Physical Properties of AISI 8620 Alloy Steel?

Density (lb / cu. in.)0.283
Specific Gravity7.8
Specific Heat (Btu/lb/Deg F – [32-212 Deg F])0.1
Melting Point (Deg F)2600
Thermal Conductivity26
Mean Coeff Thermal Expansion6.6
Modulus of Elasticity Tension31

What are the Mechanical Properties of Annealed AISI 8620 Alloy Steel Bars?

Mechanical Property Requirements (Quenched and Tempered at 200°C)
Dia(mm)Tensile Strength Rm (Mpa)Yield Strength R2 (Mpa)Elongation(%)Izod Impact (J)Hardness (BHN)


General PropertiesMetricImperial
Tensile strength530 MPa76900 psi
Yield strength385 MPa55800 psi
Elastic modulus190-210 GPa27557-30458 ksi
Bulk modulus (typical for steel)140 GPa20300 ksi
Shear modulus (typical for steel)80 GPa11600 ksi
Poisson’s ratio0.27-0.300.27-0.30
Izod Impact115 J84.8
Hardness, Brinell149149

What is the Process of Heat Treatment for AISI 8620 Alloy Steel Bars?

AnnealingQuenchingTemperingNormalizingQ & T
  • Forging
    • Commence 1200℃ max.
    • Finish 950℃
  • Annealing
    • 840℃ Furnace cool
  • Normalizing
    • 900℃ Air cool
  • Hardened & Tempered (Uncarburized) – Heat to 816℃/ 840℃ and oil quench or Water quench, temper at 200℃/ 650℃ according to properties required.
  • Carburizing – Direct oil quench – Carburize at 900℃/925℃ for eight hours (for .060 case depth). Oil quench. Temper at 150℃/232℃
  • 150℃ – Case hardness approx. RC 63
  • 232℃ – Case hardness approx. RC 58

What are the Equivalents or Other Designations for AISI 8620 Alloy Steels?


What are the Various Product Forms in which AISI 8620 Alloy Steel is Produced and Sold?

  • AISI 8620 Round Bars
  • AISI 8620 Square Shape Steel or Flat Bars
  • AISI 8620 Steel Plate/Sheets
  • AISI 8620 Forging’s
  • AISI 8620 Hollow Bars and Pipes

Additional Information

Main Carbon Steel Grades

EN-8, EN-9, C-40, C-45, C-55, SAE 1040, SAE 1045 and SAE 1050


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Mill TC EN 10204 3.1, Third Party Inspection, NDT/DT Test Reports

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